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John P. Ferrara
Russ Bono

               Russ Bonoís been an entertainer in the greater St. Louis area for many years. He started out in the mid 1970ís in local bands playing various area clubs. Later touring all over the country playing New York to Los Angeles with extended runs at the Aladdin Hotel on the "Las Vegas Strip".

              In recent years Russ had been writing music for Starstruck Publishing Co. then owned and operated by Nashville singing sensation Reba McEntire.

              Still entertaining several nights a week, Russí first love is writing and recording original music, and to hear him tell it, "Iíve never gained quite so much satisfaction as writing and recording Magical Night! The Abington Kids who pitched in and gave me a hand made this the dearest, most special project of all!"

              Russí love of children and the fact that heís still a kid at heart surely has something to do with that. And what do The Abington Kids have to say about Russ? They call him "Fun Loving, Silly, and Kinda Bossy!". . . .Oh Yea, they also call him Dad!

Special Thanks

I would like to thank a few special people:

Mary (mom) Bono "for buying my first guitar"
Angela (Augie) Bernstein - Amanda (Loo-bell) Bono
Brittany (Brinny) Graham - Somer (Flossy) Graham Caitlin (Mowgi) Bono & Sami (Cakinís) Graham
"for being my inspiration" 
....and our first Grand Inspiration due early December!

"And with all the love in my being, I thank God for having found the other half of my Heart & Soul"
Janine (Ween,  Weena,  J,  Little Face, Bono)

                                                    ....Russ Bono

"Magical Night"

Written and Recorded By Russ Bono
Performed By Russ Bono & The Abington Kids
All Vocals and Instruments - Russ Bono
Recorded at Abington Road Studio
All Songs  Russ Bono Publishing
All Songs Copyright Library of Congress 2001
A TobyWeen Productions LLC

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Russ Bono
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