Free Lyric sheet included!

It was a special moment to first see our five-year old 
son’s face light up to hear "It’s Kyle!" on the CD-player as he was laying his head down to sleep. 
From "Family Vacation" to "I Don’t Like Worms" it is his favorite CD.  Weeks later, it is the only music he listens to in his room.
Maureen Kendrick
***** Rating
My mother-in-law is always looking for the perfect gift 
for our triplets’ birthdays.  This year for their fourth
birthday she gave them a personalized magical night CD. 
They absolutely loved them! 
The music is upbeat and uplifting.  Every time we play one of them, eveyone in the family instantly starts dancing around the room and then we have to play each of the triplets’ personalized CD so they can giggle and get excited when they hear their own name.  I have ordered magical night CDs for their friends too and they are always a big hit as gifts. 
Rachel Macha
I want to thank the people at Winkadoodle Willy
For the wonderful personalized CDs. Our Grandchildren loved them. We have five grandchildren who are all now proud new owners of their own, personalized, Winkadoodle Willy CD,
and doing the "Kooty Walk" all over the house.
Bill & Patsy Pecher
This CD is a REAL WINNER!!!
Wow! What a GREAT CD. A variety of rhythms, beats
and catchy words. My 18 month old grand-daughter immediately
started stomping her feet to the beat and her 3 year old brother began dancing around. What a special treat when the child hears his or her name in the songs.  
L. Brand

The CDs are wonderful - way beyond my expectations!
I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful the CDs are
that I ordered from you for my Grandaughter and her cousins.  I knew it would be terrific just having her name mentioned in a song or two as well as on the cover of the CD itself.  What a bonus to find out that her name is on every other song!  They’re such fun songs too.  I enjoy singing along with them just as much as the kids do.  The songs are so catchy and so much fun!  The kids do a terrific job singing along with you.  I can’t decide which is my favorite song - They’re all delightful.
 Sue Polcyn
Dear Russ:
I’m writing this letter to thank you for the CD you made me.
My favorite song is the “Kooty Walk”. My second favorite is 
“It’s Tyler”. I was so excited, I asked my teacher Mrs. Pearson if I could have the class listen to it. She said yes and the next day everybody wanted a copy with their own names. 
In the song “A Trip To The Zoo”, I like when the Abington Kids say the funny stuff in the background! (is it a chicken?)
Tyler Elder  (8 years old)