Hi, I’m WinkaDoodle Willy
The Pickle From Philly
“Sweetest Pickle This Side Of Pittsburgh”

While on one of many travels, I shrewdly rolled into St. Louis,
smack dab through the middle of The Arch,  where I happened
upon some new friends. Russ Bono & The Abington Kids.
They sing, play instruments, write songs.
They wrote an entire collection of songs just for me.
Mentioned my name in them. “Willy's Magical Night”.
Said they’d been making Magical Night Cd’s for children clear to
Pittsburgh,          . . . .and beyond.

So why not let them record one for that special little pickle in
Your life. Russ & The A Kids will personalize their Cd with His
or Her name in the title, and in some really cool songs such as
my favorite “Popsicle” or creepy ones like "Kooty Walk".
Magical melodies that Child AND Mom will want to
hear and sing along with over & over again.
So be shrewd and order Your copy of “Magical Night”.
Trust Me, You Won’t Find Yourself In A Pickle
After This Sweet Deal!

W. Willy